Lifepo4 12v 10ah Motorcycle Starter Battery

2023-05-24 09:47


공칭 전압 (V)12.8V
Nominal Capacity (Ah)20Ah
Dimension (L*W*H)mm181*76*170
Battery Case TypeWaterproof ABS Case IP56
Energy Wh256Wh
Charge Voltage max (V)14.6V
Charge current Max (AMPS)4A standard, max 10A
Discharge Cut-off Voltage(V)10.0 V
Discharge Current max (AMPS)10Amps max continuous
Battery Material리튬 철 인산염 배터리
Battery Cell TypeLifepo4 battery cell 3.2V 6000mAh ,Cylindrical lifepo4 cell
Composed Way4S3P Lifepo4 battery pack 12V 10Ah
주기 생활2500 times at 85%dod5000 times at 65% dod
8000 times at 40% dod
Storage Temperature (℃)0-45 ℃
Work Temperature (℃)-20℃-60℃
Weight (KG)Net 2.2KG, gross 2.5Kgs
OEM Label Brand /Package OrdersAcceptable , OEM Label: MOQ 100PCS
OEM Package: MOQ 100PCS


Key features

  1. Vehicle-grade craft, there are multiple isolation and fixing inside the battery pack, which is conducive to heat dissipation
  2. The shell is anti-aging, anti-corrosion, fireproof and waterproof
  3.  It replaces lead-acid batteries, which is 50% lighter
  4.  Wide temperature operation
  5.  Safe and reliable, no explosion.
  6. Variety of protections, overcharge, over discharge, over current, over-temperature protection
  7.  Easy operation, plug and play.


* LED light system
* Tourist car battery
* EV bus battery
* Car battery
* electric bus battery
* Solar battery / solar panel battery
* -Portable VTR/TV, tape recorders, radios, etc.
* -Power tools, lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners
* -Cameras and photographic equipment
* -Portable measuring equipment
* -Various power toys and recreational equipment
* -Uninterruptible Power Supply
* -Communications and electric equipment
* -Emergency lighting equipment

* -Various power toys and recreational equipment
* -Uninterruptible Power Supply
* -Communications and electric equipment
* -Emergency lighting equipment

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Q : 어떻게 지불해야합니까? 어떤 지불 방식을 수락합니까?
A : 수락 가능한 T / T, Paypal, 서부 동맹 & 무역 보증.

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Q: Is your battery quality approved?
A: Yes, we guarantee that all cells are 100% original from famous brands. And we will have full inspection of each cells and grouping them before assembling into battery packs. And all finished battery packs will be under a full inspection before shipment.

Q: How can you prove that your cells are 100% original?
A: We can show you the original pack list and other related documents.

Q: What is your lead time if I placed an order?
A: For all products in stock, our lead time is within 2 working days after payment received. For those that we don't stock for the moment such as customized battery packs, the lead time is around 7-10 days.

Q: What is your warranty?
A: We guarantee the quality before the item is shipped. You can enjoy 30-day free refund, 4-month free replacement, and lifetime maintenance service from the date of delivery. Any damages caused by improper use are not covered by our warranty.


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